A stockbroker is a member of the London Stock Exchange who buys and sells shares on your behalf for a brokerage fee. Financial Services Glossary
A securities firm which provides advice and dealing services to the public and which can deal on its own account. London Stock Exchange Glossary

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stockbroker stock‧bro‧ker [ˈstɒkˌbrəʊkə ǁ ˈstɑːkˌbroʊkər] noun [countable]
FINANCE JOBS a person or organization whose job is to buy and sell shares, bonds etc for investors and sometimes for themselves:

• The securities can be sold any business day by placing an order with a stockbroker.

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stockbroker UK US /ˈstɒkˌbrəʊkər/ noun [C] (also sharebroker) FINANCE, STOCK MARKET
a person or financial organization that buys and sells shares, bonds, etc. for other people and organizations: »

He phoned his stockbroker with instructions to sell portions of his portfolio.

stockbroker's — Cf. stockbroker's

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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